Choice terrifies people. Most of us will do anything to postpone making a choice, terrified of the consequence, terrified of being held accountable for the consequences, choice is a fundamental power of the human experience - Carolyn Myss

Pay attention when you have to make a choice, start with the simple things, someone may ask you to go to lunch, where do you want to eat. Watch your response
"Oh Wherever I don't know"
"You choose"
the small things turn into the big things

Your little decisions add up
Your choices, each and every one, have a consequence, even your "non-choices"

Make a decision, take a risk
What keeps us stuck is fear, shame and looking back and what happened back then, back there, to determine what and how to move forward
That's in the past, you may not even be in the same position, be the same person. Do not use the past as your compass for making a decision
Do not use fear, shame and what if
your choice is a super power
Whatever happens, you will get something out of it and that something may be even better than you anticipated



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