Make your Own Game. Set your Own Rules

Do what you have to do, but in the meantime accept what is - Eckhart Tolle

How many of us do things without questioning them? Ok so I know there are some things that one must do, obey the law etc I am not talking about that I am referring to the things you do because

1. "that's just how it is done"
2. " It's always be done like that"
3." It's a family thing"
4. " to look good"
5. " to keep the peace"
6. " the neighbors do it and we should do it to"
7. " the white people says it's good to do"
8. "the black people makes it cool"
9. " to get ahead"

I may have brought this up already - what is your why? Is it following blindly, people pleasing, automatic pilot doing? I am suggesting questioning the why when it falls into this category, keep an open mind and a willing spirit,
Questioning core beliefs have changed my journey and many others. it opens up new worlds and new methods
Every single thing in the world is open and available to you, but you have to know accept and believe that
If you are playing in the game and don't know the rules how fair is that?
If you are in the game without knowing what the aim is, it is playing blind

Sometimes you have to play your own game and set up your own rules

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