Push it Real Good

If you think you’re defective or in need of fixing (which is the biggest lie of all), you will most definitely attract lovers, teachers, preachers, and politicians who want to so-called “love” you, and “fix” you, and “lead” you Danielle La Porte

Today I ran a 10k race. This was probably the second ever 10k race I have done ever, before I would walk half and run half. I decided to push myself, my goal was to run the entire thing no stopping.
I came in second from last with my best ever time in a race. I was so happy, mainly because I ran all the way and when I saw the time on the big clock at the finish line I thought wow, that is not bad. Even in finishing close to the last I thought, all of the participants are runners, that's what they do, they run and they train to run. I thought about how much it makes a difference with who you surround yourself with, if I surround myself with people who are pushing it, doing it, been there and done it, then I learn, I get better and I'm on it!
Same as in life, I started to think, who do I surround myself with am I pushing anyone? Is anyone pushing me? because hey, then what's the ;point? stay comfortable and stagnant?
No siree!
I have decided to push myself in the hope that it can also push someone
Push on!

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