Waiting is the process of doing

Patience has never been one of my finer virtues. Like many of us, I’m used to all this quick and instant stuff. Fast responses. Immediate feedback. Instant connections. But I do trust one thing: beautiful things can take time. Lots of time. Maxi Mc Coy

Someone once told me if I want to know what patience is go to the bank on the date when the pension cheques are being distributed and stand in the line, apart from the number of people in the line, the people in the line also move slowly. I laughed when I heard it but I actually did it. Nothing to do but wait!

I gave myself 2 years to reach a goal, 2 years to sell a certain number of books, 3 years have passed, and I am no where near it. I started getting anxious and doubtful and depressed and eating way too much chocolate
The definition of patience that resonate with me the most is "Inner Calm in the midst of outer chaos
An Act of total surrender to the Divine Order"

Total Surrender - complete and unequivocal acceptance of what is knowing that all will be well despite how it looks
acceptance of what is knowing that any amount of inaction is part of the process
acceptance of what is knowing that I have done the work and planted the seeds
How I wait is also important - the energy with which I surrender
is it with faith or anxiety?
I have learnt that being anxious is like digging up the seeds that I have planted without giving it the time to bloom
How many seeds have we planted only to dig it up when we see nothing happening?

According to Maxie
So if you’re waiting, patiently or not, remember…
  1. Waiting IS the process of doing. You’re not inactive, you’re just in the inactive stage.
  2. Only put your eggs in all of waiting’s basket if you’re real with the reality it may not go how you want it to.
  3. Give a damn about the outcome. Light candles. Ask friends to light theirs. Crystal focus wills resilience.
  4. Don’t take your mind off of it. Research out there says distractions don’t actually help you wait.
  5. Peace 

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