Control can be difficult to recognise

Rest assured that control is in control when:

You are fighting to prove you are right
You will lie to prove you are right
You are yelling in order to be heard
You won't say anything believing you won't be heard
The only view that make sense is yours
The only thing that maters is what matters to you
You are still giving reasons WHY after someone has said no
You think if someone get what they need or want you will not get what you want or need
You jump on someone's "case" to keep them off of your "case"
You believe someone can hurt or harm you and you are trying to avoid it
Until Today

Surrender takes courage. Not the give up surrender, not the resignation and throw your hands up in the air thinking what's the point surrender, neither do I mean the detached I don't give a damn attitude type either
I am talking here about the type of surrender when you know, when you know for sure that it renders you even downright peaceful, people start getting scared and shit, wondering what the hell is up with you
I am talking here about the surrender of the need to be right
I am talking about the surrender when you can hear other people's point of view, disagree with it and smile and say yea, you do your thing I hear you and know that you know that you know you have absolutely nothing to defend, to prove, you have nothing to worry about and in this case you don't give a damn what they think because it really ain't your damn business
That takes courage
I am talking about the surrender that believes that  all is well in your world because you are prayed up and fired up and clear on your vision and purpose  the surrender where you relinquish control knowing that you got this! No matter what it looks like at the moment
The surrender when you own your shit, you take responsibility and will not project, blame and start drama
That shit takes some courage and we get tested everyday
I have learnt that surrender is a spiritual experience and I rather be happy than right.


Ted Talk:


Unveiling 2017 - Looking into the Mirror of Self- May 26th 2017, Trinidad and Tobago a few spots left in the circle


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