Unpack the Old One

You can’t move on to a new life
until you unpack the old one—or burn it down to the ground.
You can’t leap from hurt to clarity, or from anger to absolution. You have
to walk there, one revelatory, resentful, intentional step at a time.
The heart runs on its own clock, untethered from calendar days or
years. Danielle La Porte

Over the past few days, it seems that my past have been coming up into the present
I know there is a reason for it, and truth be told it could be that I have to make some decisions or get out of my own way
I admit, it ain't easy closing the door especially when I am unconsciously going through life "looking to make it", when I am just going along, my life reflects that
I am a firm believer that nothing comes into my life uninvited and so with that I have to take responsibility for some part of these resurrections
I have been avoiding a serious conversation, until I have it, the situation will remain
I have been avoiding speaking my truth until I speak it, the situation will remain
I have been spending way too much time thinking about this situation and I have learnt what you focus on grows.
so the past comes up, its uncomfortable, its really uncomfortable, it's disorienting at times and sometimes its hard. but hey, I gotta deal with it until it is dealt with or it will continue to be hovering around like wet smelly shoes
Its the whole the little discomfort before something new is birthed, there is some pain and then something beautiful


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