Slowly Gets You There

Going all in doesn't mean changing everything over night. Going all in can simply mean you're 100 percent committed to figuring out all the possible arrangements to eventually make your dream a reality. And that's how dreams work.

Look for creative ways things can be done gradually, while still committing fully to your investment. Your "why" can be all in without your "how" being abrupt or haste. Maxi

I had the opportunity to speak yesterday at an event called Sunset Talks hosted by the Coterie Association. As I was waiting to speak I looked around the room I saw black of white photos of only women, it caught my eye. I was curious. As I did my talk, the Q&A session after was a total lesson in my country's history, these women were trail blazers, 90% of them were retired and served this country with love and service. I started feeling more and more honored and humbled to be asked to speak and get the opportunity to meet them.
How important s it to share stores? How important it is to just be you and do your best?
How important it is to know your worth?
Hearing from these elders reminded me of leaving the judgement out of whether they did right or wrong but to appreciate the intention of what they were doing - Building a nation, building a community, building a life
Of knowing our strength and why we are here
Some gigs are just really to me heaven sent
I give thanks


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