How Does Your Pep Talk Go?

Avoidance denial and repression cannot help you

It's the most life-strengthening gift you'll ever give see what you've been refusing to see. To deal in order to heal. Every day you keep yourself from looking that shit square in the eyes is a day you keep yourself exactly where you are. Maxie McCoy

I drove up to the venue, I saw coaches and buses off loading people. I asked the security if this is the venue I was looking for.
"Yes Ma'am"

I start a semi panic - this event is not small- AT ALL!
Note to self- pay attention

So I park the car and sit in it talking to myself

"What's it gonna be love?, What you come here to do baby girl?"

"Ain't this is what you asked for? To share your story to as many people as possible?"

"Now you gonna be scared? Be scared but get on that stage and show up"

"Okay, I'm on it like I want it"

I get out of the car, knees knocking, throat dry and walked in the place like I  owned the joint, with all my ancestors behind me holding me up with love and light
and I rocked the stage!

Self talk- positive self talk mixed with self belief did the trick
Give it a shot my lovies, and let me know how it worked for ya


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