You are the magic baby

Always searchin' for the real thing
Livin' like it's far away
Just leave all the madness in yesterday
You're holdin' the key,
When you believe it - Sweet Freedom by Micheal McDonald

When you believe it- you will grow
When you believe it - you will start that business
When you believe it- you will practice self care
When you believe it - you will leave that abusive relationship
When you believe it - you will leave that job to pursue your dreams
When you believe it - you will write that book

When you believe it - .................. (fill in the blanks)

You get what you believe not what you wish and hope and only talk about 

Your actions, words and faith must be in complete alignment and that starts with the belief. Self Belief - there are some days where you will have to walk alone, to encourage yourself, to rest, to get still

Be ready to do that - those states are not indicators to stop and give up

You are the magic, the magic baby!


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