What makes you happy?

We think that the more we have, the happier we will be. We never know what tomorrow might bring, so we collect and save as much as we can. This means we need a lot of money, so we gradually start judging people by how much money they have. You convince yourself that you need to make a lot of money so you don’t miss out on success. And for you to make money, you need everyone else to spend their money. And so it goes. Fumio Sasaki
The more we have, the more we feel valued is what is sold to us.From all angles, the better handbag we own, the faster car, the brand name show, the high end TV, the house on the hill- all nice I will agree.however when we make it or base or value and worth on having these things then therein lies the challenge
All of those "things" are fleeting and when we base our worth and value on having things it usually leads to problems, we accumulate things it makes us happy for a while and then we realize there is a better thing, a shinier thing, an updated version and the cycle continues. When we cannot get that particular thing, we feel unhappy. we may even do things that may dishonor ourselves unbeknownst to us in the process of acquiring the things to make us happier, guilt sets in as well. And the cycle continues
So the question is can you be happy without the "things" can you find a way to be comfortable knowing that things says something about you but they can never define who you are or your worth
Do you know what makes you happy?
Do you know just by virtue of being born that you are enough?
Do you even believe this?
Ask yourself


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