How do you Define Success

Many of us living relatively (or blatantly) privileged lives have created our own nouveau religion: Materialism. It’s as pervasive as any of the major world religions. And we fight, and kill, and steal, and pillage, and lie for our right to profit and consume. Same shit, different deity—the deity of the dollar (or yen, or euro…). Our mass consumption has become a weapon of mass destruction—fashioned from lies about so-called success and happiness. These lies take a damaging toll on our self-esteem, and we keep trying to inflate our worth with more stuff, more attention, more stimulation. In the Cult of Materialism, reverence for simplicity and basic consideration is a courageous act. Danielle La Porte

How do you define success? 
What does success look like to you?
What about abundance? 
What is abundance and how does it look?
Does it look like something? A particular item? A feeling? An experience?

At a meeting yesterday I sat listening to the conversation. The markers of success are profits, profits, more profits at the top it then filtered down to the staff as house, car, private schools for the children and designer gadgets. We bust our bums for things, those things are supposed to make us happy, and the absence of those things signal that we are unsuccessful. I have been caught up as well in that cycle and what I have learnt is - define your own success because playing by someone else's rules when you are not sure what the rules are is a set up for disaster
You will continue to guess
Playing by your own rules involves being comfortable in your own skin- there is no getting away from it. It involves having a vision for your own life based on your gifts, passion and determination




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