You Are Awesome

If you think you’re defective or in need of fixing (which is the biggest lie of all), you will most definitely attract lovers, teachers, preachers, and politicians who want to so-called “love” you, and “fix” you, and “lead” you Danielle La Porte

The biggest lie I have ever heard is that I was born in and of sin. I mean, how can I be created in God's image and likeness be born of sin? That's me starting behind the bell curve from the get go
And there is where the lies started
I was born and have something wrong with me and so I must look towards others to fix me
That led now to me looking for everything outside of me to fix me, to heal me to love me
Me - who God created - in God's image and likeness, 
Me - God's child in whom God is well pleased

I forgot that, I lived in that state of forgetfulness and acted from there
looking for others to save me, to love me, to validate me, to make me, to pump me up
Me - who God created 
Me - who God said greater things you will do
No more believing of lies
A Course in Miracles says that sin means you have missed the mark and so what you have done in sin means you have made a huge mistake. Atone for the mistake, learn the lesson and get the hell out of dodge
You, me , all of us are super duper awesome
Believe that


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