Piss off some more people

One must be fueled by something that runs deeper than praise and positivity, or put downs and negativity. One must find inspiration from both the energy that leads some to dislike, and others to become infatuated. And at all times one must remain connected to one's very own source enough to maintain oneself. Maintenance. One must be the caretaker of self. A caregiver for health. The being in the mirror is always you. Natalie 

The very thing that I run from I must face- with everything. So why not remain still for a minute and face it?
 Because of Fear- plain and simple

And why run? Fear!

Fear of what?

The list starts with fear of pissing people off, fear of letting myself down and ends with  again, fear of pissing people off
And why is pissing people off such a fear

I thought about that question and the fear of pissing people off goes back to when I was a child
I could not bear "pissing off" my father, I  really just could not bear it, his response was either the silent treatment  for days or an extreme telling off.  Bingo! That's it! I associate pissing people off with those behaviours and my my my what is this living in the past doing to me?

So here are the lessons:
1. Let go of the past
2. Forgive yourself
3. Forgive him
4. Move on swiftly
5. Piss off some more people

What are your triggers and the lessons associated with them?


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