Romantic Love is not a competitive sport

Romantic Love is not a competitive sport. You're running your own race. We don't dig or not dig people based on a comparison chart or body measurement and intellectual achievements and personal quirks
We dig them because we do - Cheryl Strayed

After an event I attended yesterday, a buddy of mine and I went to have a beverage at a nearby spot. We were having the usual buddy chats, laughing eating some high calorie foods ,as you do on these outings, then out of left field she asked "don't you ever want children and a family?"
"where did that come from?"

This was now me thinking and having to face a topic that has been in the recesses, no basement, of my mind and soul for a very long time

Do I really love being alone or is it just fear of being hurt again or what was it?

Honestly, I really had to get still to figure it out
The initial fear creeped in "is there something that I am doing wrong, am I doing anything at all?"
What's up? What's going on?
Right now I have no ready answer but willing to ask the question, get still and wait for the answer. All in
Yes I would love to have a family and children and that's all I need to know
Admitting it is the first step
Let the chips fall where they may


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