Your Life. Your Responsibility

Nothing comes into your experience uninvited. It comes into our experience because we want it or because we don’t want it. So what do you want? Micheal Beckwith
Hello Lovies
Some people act as if their life is not their responsibility! Newsflash - your life is your responsibility! You are owed nothing but deserve everything- breathe that in  for a moment. So that job you are in and you hate the boss or the roles - it's your responsibility to make a change
The relationship that is bugging you out- your responsibility to make a change
The life you live - no one is going to save you, give you anything on a platter- you can respond accordingly
Remember - responsibility is your ability to respond
There are things that may be totally out of your control that happens what you do have is the ability to respond- that's all you
Your life, Your Responsibility
It really is that simple


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