Are You Fueled to Live Your Truth?

Influence is measured by the ability to inspire action and create spaces that didn't previously exist.
Pioneers who shift paradigms and redesign industries aren’t driven by a desire to be validated, but are instead fueled by an instinct to live their truth. Julian Mitchell
I am inspired by people who live their truth
 with no apology, no guilt,  absolutely no fear - with a sense of authenticity they show up as themselves every single time. 
Many of them did not start off that way, it took them  growing pains, heartbreaks,  lost friends, heck even some lost family members as well but they persevered and knew that behind all of that there was a peace that passes all understanding.

Living your truth takes courage, it really is not about being a jerk and saying whatever is on your mind no matter what. It is an intention to pay attention to that calling of your soul and move forward despite people calling you crazy and the "haters" It is the intention to be truthful and honest and open- rather than follow the crowd, be fake and live in fear -  they refuse to live out other people's fantasies and dreams.

I have never seen the status quo change anything - in fact they fight to keep things the same and then relent when things start changing around them
Be open to changing something in your own life, do something new, take a new route to the office or go to a new supermarket, start with the small things they add up to the bigger things

Usually people are afraid, they live in fear of losing "something" 
Anything you have lost on the way to living your truth is not worth keeping!
How are you creating spaces that didn't previously exist?
How do you fuel up to live your truth?


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