Its all about Perspective

that there will come a time when you believe

everything is finished. That will be the beginning. Neale Donald Walsh

Perspective is important, your end my really be a beginning, your end may be someone else's start, your sorrow may really be joy wrapped up in sandpaper!
And how do you gain perspective?
I think it is a combination of your beliefs. Because from your belief comes the experience
If you believe in something it is true for you and then the experience comes into the world to validate that belief. It is never ever your words, it is always the belief behind them
Are the words, thoughts and actions lining up? If they are not lining up, what happens is the beliefs start manifesting themselves into reality

I believed that I never had enough, that I had to keep doing and doing and working and striving to get enough. I worked hard and that hard work manifested in more of not enough - why? Beliefs
So when I recognized it was the beliefs, what happened? I questioned them and thought okay, let me come from a place of where I start with enough
The whole world perspective shifted and then the AHA moment came
he thoughts and core beliefs come first!
Change your thoughts, change your mind, line up the thoughts actions and words and there you go- life changes!
Everything is really that simple!


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