Your Feelings Are Powerful

When we allow ourselves to feel our present moment feelings we can respond from our heart and not from our past wounds or our future concerns and worries. 
Unprocessed feelings become distortions that also lead to illness and dis-ease. When we ignore our feelings, because we don’t want to feel the pain, we stuff them in our energy fields where they begin to fester. Eventually, our denied feelings move into the physical body and announce themselves as an imbalance, illness, pain, virus or disease. When we are connected to our feelings and allow ourselves to fully process through them so we can release them, we become a clear vessel fully connected to the guidance of our soul and spirit. When we block, stuff or ignore our feelings our body will respond with a pain or symptom and let us know when we are out of alignment with our truth
When we allow ourselves to pause at our feelings instead of ignoring them or leaping forward into our emotions, we put ourselves in a place of power. Sabrina Reber

Over the past couple of days I have not been on 100% healthy vibes. As soon as that happens I know it is an internal feeling that is stuck inside me begging for an outlet. It happens when I default into not feeling the feelings, not releasing the anger, resorting to old habits. It happens when I am either not paying attention or refuse to pay attention
I have learnt that there are healthy ways to release, and using them is a part of my spiritual practice
1. Writing a letter to myself detailing all of the feelings, after I have read it - I burn it
2. Writing a letter to the person especially if I feel I am nit ready to face them - I burn it after
3. Taking a run -sweating it out
4. Boxing - that bag sure do get hit
5. Journal-ling - pouring it out on those pages
6. Speaking to a counselor
7. Speaking to God
Those are my top ones, and when I miss them all, I get ill. My body screams - release it, get it out, feel, deal, heal!
When the ego get's involved, all of my good sense is gone, it's like I get crazy insane and want to blame, prove others wrong or lash out, resulting in my own illness. The ego is a pesky little bugger masquerading as self love - but it will kill ya! For real!
And so, the feelings have risen to the surface where I am now ready to feel them, welcome them, learn from them and release them

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