Show up True

Be leery bout your place in the world
You're feeling like you're chasing the world
You're leaving not a trace in the world
But you're facing the world

I'm gonna look for my glory yeah
I'll be back like real soon - Solange Knowles from the song Weary

Someone said yesterday " How are you showing up in the world? Do you even know?"
I stopped (when a statement hits me in my gut I stop) What a wonderful question

Are we using the same labels that people use to define us to limit ourselves? Or do we know who we are so we can show up true and not just true, but true and proud?

The truth needs no defence, the truth is just the truth and it will not change because someone is uncomfortable with it

Truth brings freedom and clarity - but to show up true, you gotta exercise courage. If you are not willing to be courageous the truth is harder to live

If you choose to live a lie, expect it to be a tougher life! And anyone who does not want you to live your truth ain't for you star!

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