Intuition leaves you with options

People are always curious, how to know if what they're sensing is intuition, or just an emotional charge. The answer is usually quite simple, intuition leaves no emotional trail; does not arrive with even the slightest emotional attachment . . . not even a tiny one. Intuition is an excellence of your total awareness; arrives without preference or attachment to the revelations involved, and then leaves you neutral . . . with options.Guru Singh

Some one asked me on Saturday how does one know if it their intuition speaking? 
Very interesting question I thought. 
On my Journey to Intuition I learnt that it is a whisper that sometimes defies all manner of logic but as soon as the decision is made, you become at peace. There is no question in your mind, despite the outward appearance, that the decision has been made with Divine Guidance
The challenge is are we willing to listen
Are we willing to get still
Are we willing to make a decision that seems illogical and totally crazy by others
Are we willing to stand alone for a minute while others catch up?
Are you willing to relinquish "control"

The decision never leaves you astray, and opens up doors that you would have never known existed and brings up challenges that provide you with qualities you never knew you had.

All worth it in the end!

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