we are taught we must be authorized,qualified and sanctioned by someone else.We search for support and acceptance of others. We question what we know unless we can identify someone who taught us.We forget we have a built-in mechanism of information, protection and guidance - Iyanla Vanzant

I knew it, my gut feeling told me, this was it, it made no logical sense and so I ignored my gut, then shit hit the fan
How many of you can identify? Looking for the validation to do something that your inner guidance said, well, shouted, "go ahead, I got ya!" you wait, you ask others, you procrastinate - procrastination I have learnt is the denial of self, a type of self sabotage, it is not allowing yourself to give birth to something new

There are somethings that you just know and the action is simply to obey! It usually is illogical, people call you crazy., some even laugh at you, talk you out of it. They have not heard your intuition speaking to you did they? They are not you, are they?
Many of us look for evidence, we want evidence because it makes us feel safe in the knowledge that it was done before so there is a path to follow. We want to know that we are not alone out there doing something crazy, we have bills and responsibilities, we want validation, how will it look if it doesn't happen? yada yada yada

There are somethings that you know, that you are guided to do- listen!
and act like you know

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