Ignorance of the Universal Laws Will Not Exempt the Effects

The ego's need for a false sense of control can block the flow of positive energy that will actually bring you the ideal circumstances you are searching for. It is fear-based thinking and can undermine your progress in all the other areas if you don't recognize it. Christin Sander

I was chatting with my good sister friend yesterday, catching up. She asked me about a project that I mentioned I was working on in April. I told her it's not moved yet, we are still waiting. Waiting on what? I could not respond, so we did a little moan about how unprofessional it is not to have a date set and having the time and date is essential in helping the cause- helping my life move forward
After we did our little session, we both started laughing hysterically!
What is up with us? Who are we trying to fool? Control freaks!

The seeds have been planted, the work has been done, now is the time to detach and have faith that they Universe will show me the path and guide me accordingly
I wanted this so bad that my fear was getting in the way, the easiest thing was to moan about it, when would it happen, and why is it taking so long! I have learnt that our desire for instant gratification is typically steeped in fear – fear we won't get what we want, fear of being powerless, fear of whatever else you can come up with. 

The principles that guide the Universal Laws talk about acceptance, allowing and adjusting, these are all part of the manifestation process. In my particular case here all applied
Acceptance of where I am at this moment, allowing the process to take lace without unnecessary interference particularly as all the work had been done and adjusting, being flexible if anything changed from the original proposal.

And newsflash- ignorance of the law is really no excuse

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