Its WE Day

The best way to experience power (or anything)
is to give it away. Make someone else powerful and
you become twice as powerful as you were before.

Make someone else loved and you become twice as loved.
Make someone else feel good and you feel twice as good.
It doesn't get any better than this. And it's all so...simple. Neale Donald Walsh

I stepped out on the stage, the auditorium was impressive, a little intimidating, but not overly scary, I smiled. This year I visualized this, that I would give a talk on this stage. Now here I am a few hours away from doing so and I am so grateful! I have seen that dreams do come through, detachment is also a tool that is required in any dream tool kit. I did not know how, and I did not care and I now know for sure this will be the first of many because my dream was that it was my show, this is not my show, it is someone else's but I am seeing this event  as a practice to start me off and get me acquainted to speaking in front thousands of people!

It's WE Day in Trinidad and Tobago and I am grateful to be sharing the stage with some of the country's most inspiring change makers, sharing our stories to thousands of teens and young adults!
I am also happy to be on the lineup for the first ever in this part of the world

I am very excited!
Check you on the flip side!

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