No Approval Required

Drop the “what will people think?” and let your desire to have a passionate life outweigh banal approval. Carole Ann Rice

A Course in Miracles says that the worst people act shows that their call for love is even stronger. Along with all the evidence that hurt people hurt people and boundaries are important to ensure healthy relationships, I can sometimes get confused and caught up in my response and reactions when in a situation with either hurt people or those making a strong call for love.
Then there is the other school of thought that says all experiences are not random, they are lessons and pay attention to who is in your life as the reasons are there and will only be made knows by being present and conscious. 
Confessions on the journey- for a recovering people pleaser, this is challenging, setting boundaries is tough although necessary, loving others who have demonstrated that they dislike you is tough as hell, and being present and aware in response rather than flying off the handle is really miracle making, every day is a challenge
But here is what I have learned:
everything I do is about me, and I get to decide who do I want to be in this moment, in every moment
that it gets easier over time
everyone doesn't have to like you - I mean if you got no haters  you just ain't poppin'
release the judgement and ego
love yourself through it
sometimes the most loving response is no
learning to be compassionate and forgiving is an essential tool to have on this journey



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