There is no fixing it

people are not things made to be "fixed"; you cannot "fix" a person. their healing can only happen when they are open to receiving it. Joel Leon

I was a fixer! I wanted to fix everything around me, that I thought or believed needed fixing,things had to be in order- my order, people had to be in order, according to my definition- that I was sure was my role in life

And then the situations came and it could not be "fixed" no matter what I did, there was no fixing it

Then I realised that there is nothing to fix, people are people, even when they are completely and totally different to you and what you stand for, or so you think, it may just be all mirrors and that you may be denying the truth that is staring you right in the face!

Give acceptance a go!
Give non judgement a go!
Give giving up on wanting things your way a go!
Give questioning what your folks told you to believe a go! the core beliefs you have adopted that no longer serves you
Give being in the present a go!
Give the now moment as it is a go!
Give focusing on yourself and your goals a go!
because newsflash, you cannot fix it!

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