How can I use these feelings to guide me?

Divine Substance has not run out - Rev Shaheera 

I spent my formative adult years in London, many of my first happened in that city. Some of my closest friends - those who I consider family-still live there.  I sat frozen looking at the Grenfell Flats burn, over 500 families lived in that building, some of which none made it!  I know people who live in the area, I am still in shock and disbelief that this has happened. It is a totally shocking wake up call and I am afraid that if something does not change then the lessons will continue. And we know when the lessons are not learnt what happens. More of same! 

I ask myself, how can I support?
How can I be more conscious in my own life
because it is our collective consciousness that makes up the world, the world reflects our thoughts, words and actions.
What are you thinking and doing?
The world is showing us that some new and different thinking and doing is essential
it really, really starts with us.

I am sad, I feel sad about this tragedy, it is time to change the narrative about immigrants, black and brown people, about class divisions, about judging others because they are different
I feel sad that this is happening on a global scale
I feel sad that people's focus is on spreading division and separation
And still feelings are my guide I am going to see where this guide takes me minus the judgement
RIP to all the Grenfell Residents


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