Everything in your life is designed for you

Everything in everyone's life is a gift that is designed specifically for them - Gary Zukav

As I walked off the WE Day Stage at the National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA) stage I couldn't help but think that every event that happens in our lives can be used for something good
I had no idea that my story and my experiences would or could be used and shared and allowed others to share their's as well. This, for me, is a lesson in taking responsibility. How do you respond when events in life come in a way that throw you off, that test all your mettle?
How do you use the resources and the information available to you to move forward, to live a life of peace?

That is the question I ask myself after I feel the feels, because there are feelings involved. That is an important step in moving forward, feeling the feelings, acceptance and action

WE Day was one of the most inspiring days I have had in a very long time
I was so happy and proud to witness it and be a part of the entire thing!

There is really power in your story!
A Course in Miracles says your have a specifically designed life curriculum - show up ready!

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