What's the Alternative of Positive?

clarity of desire, root into the depths of positivity, fend off doubts with Faith, and repeat. Every minute of every day, give or take. Danielle La Porte

People tell me I am positive. What exactly does that mean I am not sure. 
Oh you are so positive? What's the alternative though? I sometimes want to ask what they mean but I haven't yet done it. It is a recurring theme,  it's either "you are so positive or how come you are so positive"
How come you are so positive? 
Truly, I don't set out everyday to be "positive" I set out daily to live a life which is one of peace and progress. In order for me to do this, complaining, moaning and stressing out is completely off the table, that does not mean that I do not get sad, frustrated, angry and upset. It means that when I do I can feel the feelings knowing that they are guides, they will pass and to remember that peace is my goal. 
This takes some work, it takes me filling up my cup before I leave the house to deal with the world, it takes me spending quiet time, meditating, reading something uplifting, listening to some music that I can dance and sing too. So when I step out into the world, my cup runeth over, I am grounded in that vibe. It's what you may call my daily spiritual practice
What's Yours?

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