You have to have the capacity to see beyond where you are

You have to have the capacity to see beyond where you are
We live  in a very mechanistic society that puts us in a fix it mode so we start with the problem, we focus on it then we try to figure out how we can change the problem so all of our attention goes to the problem.
You want to get  somewhere?

You can’t have all your attention on the problem - Deborah L Johnson
Since the US Election last November it seems like the focus is on the negative and the fear and the disbelief that came along with the fact that the US has a new President. My friends  many of who live in the US has expressed their shock and disbelief. I myself, when I heard the news, could not believe it, I remember the moment I heard I was in London Heathrow checking in for a flight to Nairobi, it was the talk of the day.
I said then and continue to say it, that it is a giant wake up call with the loudest alarm that takes no snooze. 
It became apparent to me again after hearing about the withdrawal of the US from the Climate Change agreement this week. And then it hit me, why do we wait on so called leaders to do something when we can do something, anything ourselves
Rather than moan about it ad nausea what can I do to be responsible about protecting the planet?  Can I compost? Can I use less or no plastic bags? Can I recycle? There must be something  within my own power that I can do to ensure that I respect and honor where I live on planet Earth?
These actions do not call for any signing of agreements by any world leaders
Come on people, let us recognise that we really do have the power
Do something!
Because every little action adds up
Start where you are with what you have


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