Almost everything starts small

Everything you eventually do in your life happens because of tiny moments. But for some reason, when it comes to creating your future, tiny is no longer acceptable. Maxie McCoy

Start small. 
Start small and build.
Start small and believe.
Start small and know
because planting seeds take time, it takes patience and it takes doing the work.

How many times have we started:

  • the diet
  • the book
  • the business
  • the relationship
  • the project
  • the programme
  • the friendship
and we want it to be grand immediately? We want immediate results!
The diet is one week old, no weight is falling off- you stop!
The business plan is just finished - the profits are low or non existent- you stop!

How many times we put a time limit on our growth?
It must be done by a particular time,
Yes, we have learnt about goals being clear and time bound. However, there are times when our timing is layered with doubt and anxiety, with people pleasing, with guilt. If that is the case then what happens is any progress can be looked at as not enough, as too small, as slow!

We don't want to be in that moment where there is growth, where there is discomfort because there is nothing to show for it. Nothing to show others. 
When we tell others we are doing something or declare it to the world and they ask how is it going - there is nothing concrete to show.
It takes 9 months before the baby comes
The oak tree takes a while
short crops takes a short while
Trust the processs
Maybe hush a little bit and just do the work
Keep doing the small tasks as they add up
and believe


Have you read any of Akosua's work?


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