Asking Involves More than Only Asking

 “The great secret of getting what you want from life is to know what you want and believe you can have it.” —Norman Vincent Peale

A friend of mine said to me that "You get what you ask for"  I believe that with all my heart. It was a reminder that asking involves more than saying it out loud to the person that you want that particular thing from.
Asking for what you want is:
1. Believing in the request
2. Having patience
3. Aligning thought, words and deeds
4. Being Flexible

It makes absolutely no sense to ask for something and your thoughts and actions are in direct contravention of it!
It also defeats the purpose when we ask for something and not believe we will be sucessful, sometimes the response does not look like what we had in mind, this is where the flexibility comes in and the faith.

I asked the Universe to work with women and young women. I had something totally different in mind, but when I got over myself I realised that I am working with women and girls, not in the way I envisioned it in my mind, but who is to say this is not a stepping stone to that
To dismiss what I am doing right now to say "nah sah, this is not exactly the way I planned it" would be ungrateful, to put it quite bluntly!

I learnt that keeping an open mind and believing are essential ingredients in this art of asking for what we want!

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