What I have learnt about Purpose

Purpose, in this sense, is a pathway built into our DNA, one that is both revealed and traversed through our everyday choices and actions. It’s the pattern that our souls hold for the perfect unfolding of each of our lives.

Or, to reach for a different metaphor, purpose is the fulcrum to which we apply the lever of our genius, willingness and power to create the shapes of our lives, the shape of our world.Hiro Boga

There are many theories about on what is our purpose and how one ought to go about "finding" it.
The ones that resonates with me the most are the simple ones - y'all know I am a simple gal.
Your purpose ought to bring you joy - I'm digging that one!
Your purpose is what you were born to do, something, however large or small, that you do well - I'm digging this one as well

I have learnt that your purpose does not have to be this grand thing, if it serves with love, grace and joy just one person, that is enough!
I have also learnt that our purpose is not static and can change with time. It can grow, it can recalibrate, it ought not to hold you hostage.
I have learnt not to compare your purpose with anyone else's we all have a unique one to fulfill
I have learnt that living on purpose may not look or seem logical to others, it may not ever satisfy the status quo, it may be challenging but when it is realised it is the best thing ever!

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