You take you wherever you go

All uncertainty comes from the belief that you are under the coercion of judgment. You do not need judgment to organise your life, and you certainly do not need it to organise yourself. In the presence of knowledge all judgment is automatically suspended, and this is the process that enables recognition to replace perception ACIM

Pulled this out of the archive - it resonated with me today, I wrote this when I was running away and had a penny dropping moment.....

You take you with you wherever you go! At times there is the tendency to believe that one can simply move into another environment and that environment itself will provide some brand new insight. However, an environment alone cannot create anything within you. You take wherever you are in consciousness with you into the new environment. If there is a shift, a change, it needs to happen within you. You don’t have to go someplace else to get the shift of awareness nor does going somewhere else guarantee that the shift will happen. The question is you and your willingness to see anew. What will it take for you to give yourself permission to see things from another view?
Sometimes it is good to move yourself physically in relationship to what is going on, in so far as this physical adjustment leads to a mental adjustment. Too often the goal is to physically move, simply to get away. However if this is the underlying incentive, nothing will, in fact, change. Wherever you are there you go, wherever you go in consciousness that is where you go!
Seeing things anew from now! Why? There has been a massive shift in my consciousness! Show up as me every single time, open mind and willing spirit, love and love and love, sometimes the loving response is NO! Release the sense of separation that was taught and honour yourself because when you do, every single thing you do will come from that place


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