Go for the Joy!

It is merely up to you whether you learn from joy or from pain, the key to happiness is the DECISION to be happy. Marianne Williamson author of A Return to Love

Joy! What brings you joy? Do you know? Do you do what brings you joy on a daily basis or are you waiting for someone, something or sometime to bring you joy? One of the best definitions of joy I've heard is that it's a feeling that comes from within, it lives in you. Joy is a state of mind and being that feeds and nurtures the soul, it's a state of elation.

I learnt that everyday to go for the joy! Watching football brings me joy, eating hot coconut bake brings me joy, working and learning from women  entrepreneurs and young women brings me joy, listening to music brings me joy, boxing brings me joy, chocolate brings me joy, reading brings me joy, being around the Queens Park Savannah in Trinidad brings me joy, eating a doubles with coconut water brings me joy, seeing the hills at home brings me joy! When she said to be go for the joy I didn't even think about all the things that brings me joy or whether I do them everyday I honestly thought she was sending me to collect something from the other room. I am like where did you put it? That created a lot of laughter I must say!!
Anyways, from that day I committed to myself that I will do something everyday that brings me joy however small it is. Of course eating coconut bake and chocolate is a lethal combination which will bring me joy and weight but its about balance!!

What brings you joy? Do you know? Do something that brings you joy everyday and see what happens.

So what did I learn today?
Do it because it brings you joy! Joy is my birthright and it makes life so much sweeter! Joy is so much more of a blessing when shared. Joy is contagious. Joy is not in things it is in us. I learnt to do more things that bring me joy, to be that, to share that and to spend more time with that! Awesomeness all round!!



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