India, Incubators and Inner Champions!

Your human spirit is unshakeable, unbreakable & untouchable- Lisa Nicols Author of best selling book No Matter What! 

Is it really about survival? Is it about a biggger vision? In India I just keep getting more and more amazed.

Visited the AWAKE Icubator (Association of Women's Entrepreneuer's of Karnataka) and looked at what they were doing. Simplicity is really the essence of class! These women were making chutneys in their area on their own and decided to come together as one group. They said ok maybe as a group we can do better, they saved and saved and saved, got a small room ,bought used equipment, went to courses to learn about packaging, selling and marketing and now a few years later have a successful group of women exporting their chutneys and peppers! It was a challenging journey.
The incubator is now up and running where other women can come use the machinery, learn about packaging, have mentors and a sounding board, everyone benefits!!

So what did I learn today?
Maybe starting a project, a business is a birthing process and we know what happens with the birthing process. It is sometimes painful, most times actually. It is sometimes messy, sometimes chaotic. Birthing your vision, your vision, your dream will at most times be challenging. It takes courage, faith and determination, a strong will but what happens after the birthing process? A combination of joy, pride and unconditional love. The hard works now begins but guess what? The love is there, the passion is there, the pride is there and it makes it a labour of love. The champion has been let out and is ready!
I learnt that starting a business is part of the process of letting your inner champion out, taking the vision that you can touch, see and feel and making it a reality. It’s not always going to be a clean, easy, smooth or straight path but there is joy and learning in the process. On the path so much knowledge is gained it is probably the best part of the creative process.


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