The Journey now start........

Over the past year I have done what some might say is out of character, crazy or even dumb (what we in Trinidad and Tobago where I'm from would call dotish!!)

I left my comfort zone and ventured on a leap of faith to travel and complete a PhD focusing on women's entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago and teach at the University. Now why would I do that, you might ask? Life and its changes and guess what life happened!

After being married for a long time it all came to a crashing halt and all the nicely laid out plans went to pot, so what does a girl do? try something new and totally out of character. Embarking upon my journey so far which has taken me to Europe, Africa, the Far East and North America over the last year and a half I realised that it really became a journey towards unconditional self love. Loving myself again no matter what!

I started sharing some of them on Facebook and posting sayings on my Blackberry messenger and now I feel I have so much more to share and express! My aim is to share my lessons, to tell an empowering story that it not only empowers me but anyone who it resonates with. Of course you will not agree with everything but take what you do and leave all the rest!!

This is a total 360 degree for me because anyone who knows me knows I don't talk much!!!   Here I am now sharing all this "stuff".But I have learnt so much over the time, I spent LOADS and LOADS of time ALONE literally,  just learning about myself and life its been an awesome journey so far, extremely challenging but still bloody awesome!!
Feel free to share your own stories with me as I love learning!

Here goes.......

What did I learn today? So I made life plans. Short term and long term and all was going well and guess what? Life happened and all hell broke loose! Learning 1: I only really have control over my thoughts and my responses to situations. Anyways, so what did I do when I saw the plans going down the toilet? I resisted, tried to fix it. Learning 2: Let go or be dragged, what you resist persists. Be willing to let go of your plans. Be willing to embrace the possibility that plans for your life are more astounding than you have ever imagined. You don’t have to know what it looks like or how it will happen. Trust the process. Have an open mind, be willing stay open to the possibility that anything is possible at any moment. Awesomeness all round. Spirit always got my back!!



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