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LACK OF PERSISTENCE. Most of us are good "starters" but poor "finishers" of everything we begin. Moreover, people are prone to give up at the first signs of defeat. There is no substitute for PERSISTENCE. The person who makes PERSISTENCE his watch-word, discovers that "Old Man Failure" finally becomes tired, and makes his departure. Failure cannot cope with PERSISTENCE - Napolean Hill Author of Think and Grow Rich

So I've learnt that if you want an empowered life you have to be able to cope with being told NO! What happens when someone tells me NO to something I want or something I asked for? Well, I had this big gun talk saying that NO means Next Opportunity, it means Next, Not right now and I would say hey I eat No's for snacks! But I realised that I still have some way to go with this No thing! I had an experience recently where someone told me NO and it wasn't pretty, I had to forgive myself  and apologize after I regressed into this ten year old child, you know pouting, stamping and throwing around stuff! Its funny this thing called perception!

So I've decided because decision is power, that its about preception and persistence. What do you believe is true for you? What do you beleive is possible for you?
The women I've met said for every one yes they got they maybe got over two hundred no's, they just kept going and going and going. And this is about survival, not about some random material thing or ego trip!

So what did I learn today?
Got rejected? GREAT! You are being taught self-approval and persistence!
Got fired! Awesome! It’s a wake-up call and an opportunity to trade up to something more fulfilling!
You got broken up with! Wonderful moment to learn how to open your heart even more!
Out of money! YES! You are being taught that The Universe is your supply and to not rely on just the outer world for your health, safety and protection.
Persistence and Perception - keep going, keep doing and keep believing


  1. As usual you are talking to me Akosua...countless things that I have started & stopped mid way..positive thoughts and positive actions.This is a real wake up and smell the coffee statement...Either you persevere or you place yourself in a perpetual state of limbo...never reaching your true potential


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