What's your mission?

Get a mission statement for your Life. Know where you want to go. Know why you want to go there. Then create the plan to get there. My mission: Live good and spread Love. What's the mission statement for your Life? Robin Riley Harris author of Choose Happiness

I did get a mission statement for my life, I followed Robin's advice and as soon as I did boy oh boy things started to change! I mean drastically! And of course when things start changing what  do we automatically do? Hold on for dear life! Resist! So what I've learnt is the Universe always says yes, watch what you put out there, put out crap, it says yes, put out good stuff, it says yes. Be prepared, be willing, be open because if you didnt ask for it consciously you did unconsciously
So what did I learn today?
Being afraid of things going wrong isn't the way to make things go right. Sometimes something going wrong is what puts you in the right frame of mind. Being right all the time can be the wrong way to learn something new. And what is wrong for some may be absolutely right for you!



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