Acceptance is what we are

Acceptance is what We are.  No judgment, no control, no manipulation, simply Being Love.

We have been having a running debate here, what is supposed to happen, how certain people should be, how they should act, how they should behave, since the big racket. Brief reminder, there was a racket going on with a few members here where they stole an obscene amount of money and products! I, myself, have been contributing to the debate. The conversation continued yesterday as the key decision maker fell ill and had to be taken to hospital due to some raving headaches! They say its stress!

 Then I got this email, you know the emails you sign up for, weekly newsletters and information, that type and just on point, the topic was acceptance!

 Accept people for who they are and then make a choice! You choose how you will respond, engage, interact! I sat there with my mouth open! I knew this, I have read about this, talked about this, engage in this practice on my journey, but here it is now a timely reminder! Accept, choose and move on! Shoulding on people, a complete waste of time and added stress and strain!


So what did I learn today?
 In time you will realize that everything happens for the best  that is the best in relation to the growth and enlightenment of your Soul, not your Ego, as you learn to go from Fear towards Being Love, always and all ways.




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