Forgiveness is Big!

Forgiveness unleashes the blessing in all situations and creates the space for everything to be spiritually transformed.  Forgiveness does not condone,erase or let anyone off the hook. By separating the action from the actor,it breaks the hypnotic suggestion that that we are our “stuff” Deborah L Johnson

Forgiveness is big! I have learnt that forgiveness is really for me! It truly does transform my mind to see a situation more clearly and move forward.

The theft at work has damaged the place in more ways than one, the morale, the vibe around the place and of course the financial security of the place! The people, who the majority have confessed, is saying that they are not sorry that they are happy that they did it! That got me boiling, mad vex as we say home! I sat there listening to them and their justification and I thought wow, what is really going on here! As I went home I got to thinking that forgiveness  and acceptance is how I am approaching this situation, just for my sanity! To clear the way for some sort of transformation to take place. I am responsible for my behavior and they are responsible for theirs! I refuse to become a victim of this memory and situation

So what did I learn today?

Doing unto others is the Undoing of self! Let it go!



  1. Forgive them while they are in lock up. I think they should pay the price fro their deeds


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