Trip up on the Trip!

Creating boundaries is not about convincing someone else to behave in a way that YOU THINK THEY SHOULD. It is about YOU behaving the way you want your life to go. Melanie Evans

Being in Uganda is different to where I am from in many many ways; it is indeed a blessing to me as it teaches me patience, acceptance and tolerance. It shows me a different way of life. Case in point, a random event of going to the Shopping Mall or even the Supermarket. Especially now after the incident in Nairobi. So to go to the supermarket it is an adventure!

Firstly there is traffic as each and every car must be searched inside and under for bombs. After they search the car, they ask you to come out for a scan and body search. You get back into the car and drive into the parking lot and repeat the process minus the car at the entrance of the supermarket. I respect the process and these guys as I know it is for the good of everyone involved! I always have a smile on my face because I just think about how it would be if I had to do this at Walmart or Hi-Lo Supermarket every time! It would certainly save me some cash!

I was rushing Saturday to get to the supermarket and reach home before a football game! Note to self, set aside time to make these shopping runs! I didn’t make it!!

Today I have to go back to pay my cable bill!  So I am well prepared!!



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