Cup your hands and let the world pour in

Hold it all.  Cup your hands and let the world pour in.  Say yes, not no.  Yes to bounty, to the lessons, the gladness, the pain, the fleeting joy, the opportunities that your life is offering you.  Strike the buts from your very heart.  That smallness, pettiness, stinginess and fear has no place in this life you’re living.  Take this day –– this one, precious day –– and face into the wind.  Remember what the great Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield has to say about what it is to be human:  this too, this too, this too…. Dani Shapiro

The end of my tour of duty in Uganda is quickly approaching; this morning while I was meditating I felt this strong sense of gratitude come over me. What I realised after was that it was due to the opportunity that I was given to be here, to spend some time in this awesome Continent and learn so much, not just about the country and its people but about myself!

I have had the opportunity to spend more time alone than I have ever done and now, instead of running from myself( I cannot outrun myself no matter how much I try) I welcome the time to spend with me. I am liking me some me so much more now, to eat food straight from the earth every day if I chose to, to now know how to cook and liking it (before coming here I did not cook for almost 2 years!), to learn a new way of life, to learn acceptance and willingness and letting go of having my way.

This time and space had me knowing for sure that we, all of us, are born magnificent and awesome with what I will call magic and miraculous powers! And where on the journey did I start believing differently? I cannot say for sure where. but I now know that I am still magnificent and awesome and can do magic in my life, it never left I just forgot or became unconscious! I am not referring to some wishy washy magic like hocus pocus.  I speak here of the magic of rising from the depths of despair, the magic of giving my time to something bigger than I am, the magic of being authentic and true every single time, the magic of unwavering faith in the Universe to always always always provide for me no matter what the facts look like!

I felt this sense of gratitude this morning, it swelled up in me, the feeling was so intense that I still have a smile on my face which may be here long for a very long time.

What are you grateful for today?



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