Go with the Flow

Beating yourself up on what you haven’t done or didn’t do has never made the new come into being! Can you have the courage right now to affirm the good to affirm what is good and take it from there, Don’t be fooled when you think you are going backwards, you got to retro fit the foundations before you start building on it. Deborah L Johnson

Someone told me “ go with the flow and don’t overanalyze this situation, just feel your way through it” I must admit I can over think something until I am blue in the face. Different angles and different scenarios and here’s the thing I do it not when it comes to work, only in my personal life. I figured it out, the fear is there big time! Am I doing the right thing? Am I being a fool again? All the chit chat and monkey mind talk comes up and screams at me

So when she told me this I immediately identified with it because I know she was spot on!!


I am going with the flow, it feels pretty good I must say!

Let go and let flow!



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