The Answer is within the question

A good student of Life, I show up every day, enthusiastic about every lesson.
My curriculum is tailor made for me. Deborah L Johnson (one of my favorite teachers)

This morning I was going through my daily practice of meditating and reading something positive before I leave the house (I've been doing this for the past 3 years and it really, for me, sets the tone on how I meet and greet the day) It might be a passage from a book, a magazine, some affirmations, whatever moves me at the time I pick it up at the time and run with it! All of this to say that on this day the reading that I chose it was like WOW! Like the Universe screaming at me. I thought I would share

" While we may think that questions bring us answers, the truth is, the answer is always within the question.
How do you know when it is time to leave a place, an experience or a situation? One sure sign is that you are asking the question. Chances are by the time you ask the question, you already know the answer. If you are asking if you should leave, here are a few more questions you may want to consider.
How does being where you are make you feel?
What is it that you desire to feel?
What is the experience you hope to have if you stay?
Is there another place in which you could have a better experience?
Does having a better experience depend on anyone else?
Why have you given someone else control of your power? your joy?
How can you give to yourself what you are expecting from someone else?
Why haven't you done it up to now?

Very often the question we must ask ourselves is not "Is it time for me to leave?" Rather the question is "How can I stay here and create a better experience for myself?" An even better question is "Is being where I am worth the effort it takes to stay?' Taken from Until Today


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