What is your relationship with money?

Money is a physical manifestation of who you are! Go within and use money as a teacher. Suze Orman

What is your relationship with money? The other wonderful question was did you know that humans invented money and now we let it control us? Money is so simple, what’s complicated is the relationship we have with money and what makes it complicated is the value we put on the things that we can buy with money and that’s when the chaos comes in. You define who you are, if we let money define who we are then having little money will more than likely always makes you sad or feeling lack

I know this firsthand. I approached money from a feeling of never having enough so I would save save save and deny myself thinking I was doing something good! The balance was missing! Then the proverbial shit hit the fan and I lost the job, and the other security blanket that I thought had which meant that the savings that I had was to be used for what we would call the “rainy day”. That was a tough moment to accept, then the money ran out and I felt like a complete loser, I had to ask and borrow from my family and friends, something that I never ever did! Thinking that a job is your source of substance and supply is the first step in falling into that abyss of lack mentality. There are many jobs and many ways to be prosperity and abundance.

All of this I can safely say now was lessons!

When I was going to counseling the question came up, what is your relationship with money? I had to think about it for a while!

After that session I was given an exercise called the 40 Day Prosperity Program. This program totally transformed my thinking about money, I must say I am still learning but wow! It totally opened my mind!

Here’s what I learnt

        1.      Abundance already exists – I don’t have to search for it

2.      Respect money. Money is an effect, an outcome. If you concentrate on the effect, you forget the cause and the effect starts to lose of its capacity. If you put your attention on “receiving” money, you are cutting your Source. From now, it is necessary to cease believing that the money is your substance, your source, your support, your safety! Money is not this - - The Universe is!!

3.      Abundance in the physical world is a representation of the consciousness of prosperity.
So I had to ask myself, do I believe that I deserve the best, do I believe that there is only one job that can provide money? That the Universe is limitless? If I do then my beliefs will change to reflect this and get with the programme!




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