Be of service

So, this is the lesson: be of service. Solve problems. Share yourself. Step out of self-will and open yourself up to The Will of The Uni-verse. It will squeeze your ego. It will bring you through the fires of your own fears so that all that is not in alignment with your calling is burned away. But what will be left is a pristine manifestation of your core essence. Fear will be burned away. Limiting beliefs will be challenged and overcome and you will feel at home within yourself. You will see naysayers as teachers showing you how to believe in yourself even more. Mastin Kipp

Liberate the Poor Tanzania is an organisation which provides help for the needy in social, economical, educational, medical, environmental and cultural fields as well urgent relief aids in case of war, natural disasters, epidemics, famines, fire out break and similar circumstances.
Liberate the Poor Tanzania work is purely humanitarian and far away from politics without any racial or ethnic distinction. The people working for this organisation are awesome! Their main motivation is making the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters better! I have the immense privilege to be an advisor to this organisation. They are now doing a project with women on sustainable agriculture. I am so humbled to be involved with this team! To see the level of service that they provide daily, almost 24/7 just makes me swell up with joy!

I met with the founder this week to discuss how the organisation is moving forward for 2014 and what role they want me to play in this! What I learnt is that, according to Martin Luther King, service is the rent you pay for being on this earth! That we are all one, there is really no sense of separation except in our mind and that I should never ever do anything just for money! ...that obstacles are not opposing you, but merely and gently re-routing you.

 I intend to work more closely with this team, it makes my soul feels good




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