Always a lesson

You will be remembered for the impact that you made in this world to your family, friends and environment, not how much work you got done. Gail Hidenoff

The reality of living here is that one any given day there may not be electricity, Internet access or water. And I always keep in mind that when you argue with reality you suffer! So I have been attempting to fix something on base all day yesterday which needs both electricity and Internet, it didn’t work. This morning I got in early rearing to go, guess what? Nothing!! I opened my mouth to argue and then I remember when I argue with reality I suffer! Guess who’s not suffering today?

I had time to read a book that I have been putting off reading for ages! And darn, is it good! So I am giving thanks for the time and opportunity to read and learn the art of patience!! Life in Africa, always a lesson!!



  1. Do tell! What is the name of this good

  2. Slow Motion by Dani Shapiro! The book speaks to me, nah it whispers to me in a way that makes me want to sit still and read it all day! Check it out!!


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