What you want is who you are!

Right now, and in every now-moment, you are either closing or opening. You are either stressfully waiting for something - more money, security, affection - or you are living from your deep heart, opening as the entire moment, and giving what you most deeply desire to give, without waiting." - David Deida, author and teacher.

 David Deida’s work is simply eye opening! I was reading his stuff and kept screaming yes yes I get it I totally get it. I identified with so much of what he was saying! I am so grateful that these teachers have been courageous enough to share their work just to remind me, to remind us how absolutely awesome we are!

His philosophy is simply to express who you really are! Don’t go searching and looking for completion outside of yourself whether it is food, sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping or relationships.

 Whenever you are ready, you can stop trying to find what you are precluding and start being who you are in truth. To surrender so completely to be who you are is terrifying—your self-image instantly vanishes. Yet it is the only way to live that is real. Otherwise, in every moment of missing who you truly are, you create a self-image that isn’t the real thing. You feel a lack. This tension of deficiency can wind into an intense twist of desire. Eventually, you can become quite warped.”

So, for me, I kept searching or waiting one or the other! No need to, I am what I seek, express more of me and watch the magic unfold!


So what did I learn today?

What you want is who you are. Open as you are without hesitation.




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