Take a chance on someone

I discovered that taking chances on others created an incredible degree of loyalty, deep intimacy and a collaborative culture. By putting faith in them, by trusting them, they brought their best work and most trustworthy selves to the table. Chela Davidson

Have you ever taken a chance on someone, like at work or maybe a neighbour or a young person? Someone who people believed was a complete write off or extremely difficult or as we say back home “ a complete waste of time”?

It takes some courage and conviction to take a chance on someone, because it brings up “stuff” that you have, it takes patience and persistence and self belief as many people will be quick to tell you that you are now wasting your time, energy and effort!

There are people who took chances on me! I always remember in school I was just not interested, I wanted attention and would look for it in the wrong way. I attended a school that had two shifts. Morning and evening shift so I went to school from 7.45am to 1pm. By 1.30 I was home mostly alone! I wanted attention and didn’t know how to communicate my needs!

The teacher observed me for weeks and then she asked me to stay back after class and gave me the rollicking of a lifetime with as much love a teacher could muster, then she told me come to her house after school during the week. To your house? Yes my house. For what? To spend some time with me and my family. Really? Yes really!

As of that day I became focused and made a commitment to myself to take chances on others which I believed I did to some measure in every place that I have been! Not all have worked out, people on the other side must also be ready to receive!

So now I am here in Africa and there is someone in the organisation that is considered a write off, and with good reason! My word they as we say home “give trouble” But I persevere and now coming to the end of my tour of duty she whispered to me, you have really believed in me haven’t you madam? I will miss you! Made this all worthwhile!!

Take a chance on someone, pay it forward, change the world in your own little way, change the world in a big big way, the little things add up!




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