Stop waiting for others to change

Stop waiting for others to change. Recognize that every person has the right to be whatever they choose—even if you irritate yourself about it."   - Dr. Wayne Dyer, best-selling author and speaker

 So I went to a follow up meeting yesterday to secure a deal to sell in one of the bigger supermarkets in the city of Kampala! I met with the purchasing manager, who is responsible for deciding on the products which will be on the shelf of the supermarket. Young man, we had a good rapport and then right at the end I asked him for an invoice or a quote for me to take back to base for approval.

He started laughing! I looked at him puzzled! Then he said to me “Madam, what invoice are you talking about? This is cash only and the way you get the thing moving”


 “Cash, cash only” and he rubbed his three fingers together!

I laughed, because I thought in that moment it would be better than crying and said thank you, I will call you soon and left!

 I went back to the office and I was telling one of the people there and they laughed as well, adding how long have you been here Madam? Obviously not long enough or maybe too long?
I, of course, kept thinking what am I supposed to learn from this? I am going to recommend finding another way I think if I give in I will only contribute to the situation and keep it going, the means to me does not justify the end! Where will it stop? How will it end? I can do my little part, and I am going to do it with the police here as well, let’s see how that goes!

Stay tuned!





  1. I wonder if he could tell you his buying price & when you go, you carry your own invoice & just ask the receival person to sign/stamp that invoice with the quantity & total as

    1. What a brilliant idea! Will let you know how it goes!


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